Certified Professional Coding

Certified Professional Coding

Delomar Services is proud to offer a 14-week course teaching the medical coding skills needed to prepare you for the CPC exam. Delomar’s course is taught by an AAPC approved instructor who has been trained in AAPC’s exclusive Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC).

Become AAPC Certified

Why Take this Course?

The healthcare industry is in a paradigm shift. Certifications is the way of the future and you no longer must enroll in a 4-year learning institution to receive better pay. If you are a person working as a Medical Assistant, Medical Receptionist, Medical Biller, or Medical Supervisor or Medical Office Manager in a dead-end job with no advancement opportunities, this is the course for you! This knowledge will advance you into a career where you can have a great paying job without obtaining a degree in the healthcare industry.

We will provide you the skills needed to pass the Board Exam that will broaden your opportunities for a better future for you and your family. Medical coding is a rapidly changing technical field that offers a variety of career opportunities. Skilled Coders may become consultants, educators, or medical auditors. 

Delomar Test Prep

$2,600 /Student

  • Base Course Price: $1485.00
  • CPC Exam: $475.00 for 2 exam attempts
  • Practice Exams: 20 included
  • Course Setting: Virtual Online Classroom with a live instructor
  • AAPC Membership: 1 year for $140.00
  • Exam Book Bundle: $500.00 for 5 books
  • Instructor Accessibility: Email, Phone, Class Q&A
  • Instructional Sections: Instructor Led Virtual Classroom
  • Pricing plans are available at checkout!

Leading Competitor

$4,408 /Student

  • Base Course Price: $3629.00
  • CPC Exam: $299.00 for 1 exam attempt
  • Practice Exams: 3 included
  • Course Setting: Access Online Blackboard
  • AAPC Membership: 1 year for $180.00
  • Exam Book Bundle: $300.00 for 3 books
  • Instructor Accessibility: Email
  • Instructional Sections: Self-Guided & Pre-Recorded
Have Any Questions?


Here is a list of some frequently asked questions about this course.

How do I sign up?

Clicking on the “Enroll & Purchase” button above will take you to our partner website called Teachable. Once you create a user account with Teachable you will then be able to purchase and enroll in the course. We will then contact you with any further information

Which dates and times is the course offered?

For your convenience, we offer multiple course cycles for different times and dates throughout the year. Please click on the “Enroll & Purchase” to see all the options offered. After you pay for the course you will be able to tell us which are your top two preferred cycles.

Are there Prerequisites?

Having a strong foundation of medical terminology and anatomy will greatly improve your chances of passing this course. We offer a free survey to test your knowledge and also a medical terminology course to help prepare you for courses in the medical field. Click here to take the survey.

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