RN Medical Coder or Auditor

What’s the secret to becoming an
RN Medical Coder or Auditor?

As an RN Medical Coder or Auditor, you play a critical role in ensuring accurate and timely coding of medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments. But how do you get there?

The secret is to dedicate yourself to your education and training. Here are a few steps you can take:

Get your RN license – Before you can become a medical coder or auditor, you need to become a registered nurse.
This typically requires completing a nursing program and passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

Complete medical coding or auditing training – After becoming an RN, you’ll need to complete additional training in medical coding or auditing. Look for accredited programs that fit your learning style and schedule.

Obtain coding or auditing certification – There are several certifications available for medical coders and auditors, such as the Certified Professional Coder (CPC). These certifications demonstrate your proficiency in the field and can enhance your job prospects.

Gain experience – Look for entry-level coding or auditing jobs to gain experience and develop your skills. Consider volunteering or completing internships to gain additional experience and make valuable connections in the industry.

Stay up-to-date – Medical coding and auditing are constantly evolving fields. Stay informed of any updates or changes to coding regulations and guidelines by subscribing to medical coding journals and attending professional development events.

By dedicating yourself to your education and training, you can unlock the door to a rewarding career as an RN Medical Coder or Auditor.

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